You are an artist that doesn’t have time for music production?


Delegate this work to professional music producers!

We offer music production service on demand: tracks, remixes, songs and MIDI files with complete authorship transfer.

We save your time and provide top-grade music.


Our ghost producers more than 10 years delivering music which is supported by best artists and DJs.

You can find our music in Tiesto, Steve Angelo, W&W, David Guetta, BBC Radio1, SLAM.FM and other radioshows and live sets. 

Tracks of our clients numerous times got in the popular Spotify and Apple Music playlists.

Our ghost producers have music or sound engineering education, more than 10 years of experience in production and industry-grade hardware and software.

We offer the best terms and prices according to our quality level. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Our producers are experts in various music genres such as EDM, house, techno, and trap.

We will attract the necessary persons from our team to produce music according to your request.

We guarantee the originality of our production and completely transfer authorship rights.



Ghost Production

We create original tracks from scratch that are ready to be released on top-labels, produce mind-blowing remixes that can participate and win contests, do mixing, mastering, produce melodies and dj set intros. We can even collaborate and co-produce together if you provide us your stems and midi files! Hire personal edm ghost producer today or shop ready-to-use tracks.

Services for artists

Our company is in partnership with European dance music lawyer and a high-profile EDM graphic designer. They cover important aspects which DJs or artists are looking for. Now you have assistance with building your own brand, designing your image and answers on questions about your any contract you get from label, publisher or an agent.


Promotion for DJ in social media is what you can’t ignore nowadays. You must have followers, likes, plays and other counts to look interesting to the audience. You don’t always have to push it to the limits, but getting a little boost is totally fine. You can also buy our EDM industry contacts database and send mails to labels and dj’s by yourself.